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Your Dota 2 backpack is worth $34.65

Your most valuable items out of 167 items with a price tag:

image for Announcer: Death Prophet Announcer: Death Prophet $7.99
image for Red Mist Reaper's Scythe Red Mist Reaper's Scythe $5.99
image for Qaldin Assassin's Glaive Qaldin Assassin's Glaive $2.99
image for Shard of the Rift Shard of the Rift $2.99
image for Spine Sword Spine Sword $2.99
image for Qaldin Assassin's Dagger Qaldin Assassin's Dagger $1.99
image for Qaldin Assassin's Slicer Qaldin Assassin's Slicer $1.99
image for Markswoman's Cap Markswoman's Cap $1.49
image for Bloodwood Reserve Bloodwood Reserve $0.99
image for Pangolin Shoulder Armor Pangolin Shoulder Armor $0.75
downloaded 104d ago
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