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Your Dota 2 backpack is worth $178.17

Your most valuable items out of 574 items with a price tag:

image for Enduring War Dog Enduring War Dog $11.99
image for Mighty Boar Mighty Boar $11.99
image for Wings of Impending Transgressions Wings of Impending Transgressions $7.49
image for Aqwanderer Carapace Aqwanderer Carapace $6.99
image for Lost Hills Shoulder Lost Hills Shoulder $6.99
image for Stinger Stinger $5.99
image for Watchful Sotdae Watchful Sotdae $5.99
image for Tribal Totem Mask Tribal Totem Mask $4.99
image for Fishing Halberd Fishing Halberd $4.99
image for Lost Hills Helm Lost Hills Helm $4.99
downloaded 32d ago
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